Andrew Melcher

Andrew Melcher

Piano Instructor

I'm a piano instructor and musician with a passion for teaching. I believe music is the ultimate form of expression for many, and a window for the soul. It is my mission to pass on what I know, giving my students the music skills they can build upon and enjoy for a lifetime.

Why I stand out above the rest

13+ years playing with 2+ years teaching experience. I was classically trained as a child, then specialized in jazz studies during my four years of high school. I play various styles ranging from Bossa-Novas to R&B to Big Band Swing.


Lessons are scheduled at the beginning of each month. I am always patient and respectful with each student and their ability to learn. A contract is provided with a service description and expectations of the client and student.


I use a building-block method of teaching that is easy to understand. Students are given a progress report at the end of each lesson showing improvements they've made and what areas they should strengthen.

Reading music effectively will enhance a student's musical abilities. Since all compositions include symbols and terminology, the student will first examine a piece before playing. 

Students will learn to Identify rhythm components such as: 

  • time signature 
  • suggested playing tempo and style
  • rhythm notations and changes 

Students will also learn to locate: 

  • key signature 
  • accidentals 
  • key and clef changes 
  • dynamics • punctuation 
  • pedal notation 
  • repeats and codas

I teach out of a book series called Alfred's Piano Library

Each student uses five books that will cover Lesson, Performance, Theory, Technique, and Sight-Reading

In addition, I use color-coded flash cards to help the student recognize music notes and terminology. 

Metronomes are also encouraged to help the student develop a sense of time and rhythm.

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