Michael Papes

Michael Papes

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I am a fitness and weight loss expert here to help you achieve your best self. My clients are successful because of my ability to understand and adapt to their needs.




Exercise Programming • Nutritional Counseling • Motivational and Accountability Support

I offer individualized exercise and nutrition programs designed not only for rapid weight loss, but also for long term sustainable use. The fitness and weight loss industry has been making false promises for years. Time and time again, this model has been proven ineffective and in some cases even dangerous.

What I deliver is a proven method that meets each client’s individual needs. The sad truth is that a one size fits all approach for weight loss simply does not work. If you are interested in rapid and sustainable weight loss along with health improvement, this approach is for you. We all want to look sexy, feel great, and dance our way into our 90s. I will help you get there!

Join my 30-day Quick Start Program

• Meet in person or remotely
• In-home exercise plan included; optional personal training available
• Track progress daily using a propriety mobile app


30 Day Jump Start

Phase II-Nutritional and Accountability Coaching

Personal Training Packages

Michael has used his 25 years of experience to develop a system of health and fitness improvement that is proven. Michael will help you find the correct blend of sleep, nutrition and exercise that can be integrated into your already busy schedule. Guiding you step by step through this process of change, Michael will never ask you to do anything that you are not currently capable of doing. Yes, you will be asked to make changes in sleep, nutrition and exercise, however, those changes will be presented in small manageable stages. Schedule a meeting today and get your journey to health and happiness started!!

Michael’s greatest joy comes from spending time with his young daughter Charlotte. Michael can often be found in nature and finds great personal joy and satisfaction when immersed in nature.

Michael Papes explored a broad spectrum of sports while growing up, from performing as the lead squirrel in the Ice Capades at just four years of age to later avidly playing ice hockey and soccer, while also competing regularly in Nordic Skiing. While earning his Bachelors degree from theUniversity of Michigan, Michael became a devotee of Taekwondo and has attained the level of Master, his 4th degree blackbelt is certified with the governing body of Taekwondo, the Kukkiwon, this status is not easily attained and Michael's proud to be one amongst this elite group. On the path to mastery, Michael performed over 10,000 hours as both coach and athlete.

Michael has a unique and clear direction for the future. “I will pursue excellence in teaching and motivation and will literally make the world a better place”

“I am committed to the health and well-being of everyone that I work with. When you work with me, you will achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.”
Michael Papes