Michael Papes

Michael Papes

Food. Fitness. Philosophy.
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In his 25-year career, Michael has blended his extensive experience teaching martial arts, his degrees in Photography, Religion and Philosophy, his genuine love of humanity and his relentless desire to improve those around him to give him a level of mastery in his field unmatched by most.

What I Offer



Fitness Training

Science Based Nutritional Counseling

Motivational Support

I offer physical health and wellbeing improvement

I use a simple and scientific method that is focused on improving aspects of each individual. We are all unique beings, the true challenge is to discover what life improvements each person can reasonable make. The journal of 1000 miles starts with one step, I will help you start and finish your journey; along the way you will become a healthier and happier person I can promise you that.

You will never be asked to do anything that Michael has not done himself.

My experience allows me to think outside the box and use the many fitness, nutrition and motivational tools at my disposal to provide unique solutions to problems.

Using science and objective data, Michael will often refine and adjust a solution to more efficiently reach the goal.

1) Schedule a meeting with Michael

2) Discuss and define fitness and nutritional goals

3) Goals are defined and agreed upon

4) A unique plan is created for you

5) Execute the plan and enjoy the rewards of your hard work

Michael Papes explored a broad spectrum of sports while growing up, from performing as the lead squirrel in the Ice Capades at just four years of age to later avidly playing ice hockey and soccer, while also competing regularly in Nordic Skiing. While earning his Bachelors degree from the University of Michigan, Michael became a devotee of Taekwondo and has attained the level of Master, his 4th degree blackbelt is certified with the governing body of Taekwondo, the Kukkiwon, this status is not easily attained and Michael is proud to be one amongst this elite group.

With over 25 years of coaching experience, Michael has proven himself among the best. Not only is Michael a national champion in Taekwondo, he has coached at the national and international level in two sports. A 6-time coach at the CrossFit games, Michael uses his passion, knowledge and experience to better every person he encounters. Michael has distinguished himself from his peers both through his dedication to his clients and his extensive skill set.

Michael has a unique and clear direction for the future. “I will pursue excellence in teaching and motivation and will literally make the world a better place”

Michael’s greatest joy comes from spending time with his young daughter Charlotte. Michael can often be found in nature and finds great personal joy and satisfaction when immersed in nature. Here are a few of his favorite adventures.


Michael passed the original Level II CrossFit certification where his coaching performance was evaluated and approved by, Dave Castro, Adrian Bozman, Todd Widman and Freddie Camacho, it is an accomplishment that Michael is very proud of.

“I am committed to the health and well being of everyone that I work with. When you work with me you will achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.”
Michael Papes