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2) Personalize Your Branding

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3) Say Hello

Think of of this first "hero" section like a book cover. It consists of a background image, a title and a sub-title.

BACKGROUND IMAGE: You can select from on of ours or email us one of yours and we'll make it work here.

HERO TITLE: Often your name, the name of your business, but can be something else.

SUB-TITLE: Often your role or what your business is, but can be something else.

BUTTON: You have 3 options for your CTA (call-to-action) Button.

  1. Leave the button text and URL blank and it will default to "CONTACT ME" and scroll to the footer when clicked.
  2. Enter "CALL ME" and the button will link to your contact phone number. (No URL needed)
  3. Enter another call to action e.g. "Make an Appointment" and in the URL box below, provide the link where you would like the button to link. If you want your CTA to be "Email Me," then in the URL link box enter "mailto:" followed by your email address.

4) Introduce Yourself

The About Section is a clear place up front for you to say:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Who do you do this for?
  • And for what benefit?

5) Highlight "Why you?"

In this space, you are giving folks 3 reasons why they should be interested in what you do. These are your reasons to hire you or competitive advantages over others who may do the same thing. Think of short 1-3 word phrases that might highlight:

  • Benefits of your work
  • Features of what you offer
  • Qualities you bring to your work
  • Choices you provide

6) Provide the details

You have 3 tabs worth of space to provide all of the essential info your visitors could need. Here are some potential ways to use them:

  • Details about what you offer
  • Pricing
  • Past Clients/Projects
  • Testimonials
  • Examples of your work
  • Embedded content from elsewhere
  • Video or other media (can specify later)

Don't worry about formatting, we can do that for you.

Let us know in the text if you have media or other embedded content you would like to use.

7) Feature a Quote

This is a great place to highlight a great testimonial, share a favorite quote or expose your own philosophy. You can also use this space to convey a message/piece of info you would like to draw attention to.

8) Say best way reach you

If you don't provide a different call-to-action in the hero section, the CONTACT ME button will scroll to this area where they can see how you prefer to be contacted.

You can also provide links to social media you use like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

9) Other Customizations

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